The Dream Fire


Kade Slowly pulled his axe across the dead Orcs face. gripping the head of the axe he was very careful. Battle was a rush, a fever, and removing a ear took time, and precision. The ritual had always helped his with his comedown. a orc woman screamed in the distance and kade immanently found his temper tested. the slaves were always noisy and this group was particularly rowdy. The screams were not helping with his withdraw. kade stood and looked for another one of his kills to claim a prize from. The valley, once populated with tents and a few savage cabins, was now populated by fires and body-parts. kade preferred it this way, especially with orcs. savage and disgusting creatures, this false civility did not suite them. years ago kade lead an army of these beasts, his mothers tribe. the group would constantly move and pillage. the few days this particular groups warcheif held his tong would have been plenty of time to move, should have been plenty of time for this lot. The orc woman screamed again and his blood was still boiling from the slaughter. kade was next to the slave cage screaming at that loud mouthed whore before he could process " What! what is it? why the fuck are you screaming?" kade saw the woman’s eyes fixed on the fire they were using to burn the bodies. a fresh one had just been put on, a younger male. kade grabbed the body off the fire and in front of the cage “Your son? i assume? you know what don’t fucking talk.” kade snapped at the guards and the cage was opened and the woman was thrown down next to the fire. " did your son ever beat you? lay a hand on you for being such a noisy fucking cunt?" kade grabbed the wrist of the slightly burnt boy and put his foot in the corpses armpit and pulled hard, ripping a section of the arm off at the shoulder. kade knew the scream was coming, but he swung the arm as fast as he could the meat of it connecting with the orc woman’s jaw, intercepting the scream. " you know " kade spoke threw grunts and heavy breath as he sent swing after swing into the orc woman’s face. " if your fucking son.." blood splattered her face and muscle started to spew from the end “.. had beat you for being a noise whore, i wouldn’t have to do it now for him.” kade Hit her over and over. Watching the orc woman’s eyes as her consciousnesses fled, and as the bone of her sons arm began to cave in her skull. kade broke him self out of the rhythmic beating and stood up straight. silence at long last. kade whipped his face and found blood had somehow gotten on him. " you, boy." kade pointed to one of the new recruits " i want a rag, and that whore in my tent in ten" kade motioned to one of the bearably attractive women in the slave cage and dropped the arm. what a waste of fucking time. kade had once battled army’s he was a peerless warrior, now he slaughters cattle and disciplines whores.


turntored KingKade

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