The Dream Fire

Aleron Chevalier

Five Years Later

In the five years since Waywyn, much happened to Aleron. On his way back to Dorholt, he was confronted by his brother Audric and several other shadeswords. He murdered the shadeswords but refused to kill Audric, who seized upon this and stabbed Aleron through the chest with his shadowblade.

He walked away from his brother, who let him go, assured that Aleron would soon succumb to his wounds. He wandered back to Waywyn, to receive treatment from Saranya. She was able to dispel most of the magic, though a remnant of the blade remained in his chest, tainting his body with shadow magic. He spent several months recovering in the palace, becoming closer to Saranya. The two eventually married, with Aleron renouncing his claim to the throne of Shadecliff and instead taking the title of Archduke of Whitemoor, a large area within the Crystalmere.

Giving up a life of adventuring for a life of politics, Aleron was always a bit restless, but stayed in touch with his former companions, save for Murdock, whose fate he often wondered about. After receiving word that The North was being razed by an ambitious wizard, he made arrangements to leave for Icedell at once and set off to find Murdock.


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