The Dream Fire

Year 5

Murdock the broken lies make in a cold damp cell. After his last conquest five years ago, he returned to his home at the watchtower to join the other great scholars. He returned to find the tower crumbled, the books burned and his friends slain. Out of fear, Murdock fled to the mountains where he found some survivors. An evil and powerful demon had come to this plane to inflict pain and suffering. Murdock knew of a spell that could banish the demon but at the cost of their lives. They planned to lure the demon with a virgin. The went to the outskirts of a freshly burning town and prepared a holding spell. Askar, the grand illusionist created the most convincing virgin that lured the demon perfectly. The demon walked straight into the middle of the Murdock’s inescapable grasp and the scholars began the ritual. But the ritual want taking and the clenching grasp began to loosen. Amidst the changing, a faint call could be heard, a counter spell being channeled into the demon. The hold broke and the demon dismembered and maimed all but Murdock. Murdock went black.
His eyes begin to open. Footsteps echo, he must be in a grand hall. Two men are dragging him and cast him at the base of steps. He looks up to see Drick, a once high ranking scholar with aspirations exceeding his rank. He had once attempted a coup which failed and had him exiled. He murmurs something to Murdock and then command the guards to drag Murdock away. Once Murdock finally come to, he finds himself locked in a stone box, no windows or doors, just the slow dripping off water. It is here where Murdock has spent the last 4 years of his life. For the first few weeks he hoped someone may come to end this sorcerers plight and rescue him. Hope faded. Murdock is now practically a skeleton, kept alive by the magic of the prison that contained him, maddened by the solitude.


turntored rabid_randy

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